5 free online courses you should take to boost your career – Student

5 free online courses you should take to boost your career - Student


Dear graduates and undergraduates, the idea of presenting your degree certificate for job application is no longer welcome by employers, and I hope you know this.

Your BSc and HND certificates are only a piece of paper testifying to your academic claims, but hey, you seriously need more than that to get a job these days.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of getting your dream job is to boost your credentials with skills and certifications.

And guess what, one easy way to boost your Curriculum Vitae is to take online courses. And here, I am talking about free online courses you can take at your convenient time.

Regardless of the course you read at the university or polytechnic, taking these free Google courses can improve your chances of getting a job. Check them out.

1. App Marketing


This course is free, so take it and learn everything about App Marketing. (Careers)


Google designs this course for those who want to create and launch an app, but you can also take this course if you are into digital marketing. The course takes approximately two weeks.

2. App Monetization

Do you develop apps or create online content and want to make money from them? This course is for you. Even if you’re not into any of the two mentioned above, you can still take this course to understand how to monetize products people expect to be free.

3. Product Design

Awwn! This is an awesome opportunity for undergraduates who have the dream to work as creatives. Taking this free online course by Google will give you some great ideas about product design.

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4. Getting a startup started


If you have biz idea you’ve not launched, take this course. (Forbes)


If you have a business idea and you’ve not been able to launch it, this is the course you need to take now. The course will teach you how to pitch your business and secure the funding you’ll need to launch your new company.

5. Strengthening your LinkedIn network and brand

Networking is an essential job search skill and with this course, you’ll learn about strategies and tactics for effective networking.

So, what are you waiting for? Just follow the links in this article, sign in and start learning everything you need to boost your CV for free.

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