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16-year-old girl saved by ants after they bite man trying to rape her

A 16-year-old girl escaped being raped after her attacker was attacked by a colony of ants. Toni Irawan, 29, approached the 16-year-old girl identified by her initials A.S. and asked her to go for a drive around Sukamaju, South Sulawesi province, in Indonesia. During the drive, Irawan allegedly asked the girl for sex and she refused.


She tried to escape when he stopped the car but he dragged her into some nearby bushes and made to rape her. But a colony of ants attacked them and sent the attacker running, thereby saving the girl from a horrific sexual assault.

The girl managed to get up and run to nearby houses to call for help. Sukamaju police chief Iptu Alimin Pammu told local media that Irawan has since been arrested and is currently on remand as the investigation continues.If found guilty, he faces between three and 15 years in prison.

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In North Philadelphia, four males and a female accomplice were arrested Tuesday (May 2) after luring a 14-year-old girl into their capture, promising a better lifestyle, and forcing the young runaway into sex trafficking.



In a related case Police report that Fantasia Gale, 21, Shalkey Cooper, 18, Reggie Jamal Fields, 23, and Angelo Romero, 24, sold her for sex. This happened with more than a dozen men over a two day span via an online advertisement. Officials say that the teen considered Cooper her friend. She met up with him for “some work to do”. Upon entering his home, he sexually assaulted her and took her to Field’s home. Police have declined to declare the amount of men forced upon the girl. However, WTXF reports it had been more than 12 men during the two days.

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Investigators from the city’s sex trafficking task force announced that the teen did escape. She then caught a bus to the emergency room at Temple University Hospital.Upon her arrival, the force was immediately contacted, leading to the arrest of Gale, Fields, Cooper, and a third, Shawn Jackson, with Romero still on the run.

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Authorities report those apprehended are facing charges on unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, trafficking, conspiracy, involuntary deviated sexual intercourse, the corruption of a minor, rape, and sexual assault. The Philadelphia sex trafficking task force has already opened 100 investigations since last July. They report, this is the typical urban sex trafficking ring. It was previously seen in West Philly and surrounding areas of victims as young as 13.


With more rape cases around the world what action should be taken to tackle this issue?


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