For 2019 years people have been saying Jesus is coming soon

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Veteran Ghanaian comedian, Kwaku Sintim Misa, fondly called KSM, has taken another jab at Christians just as he is fond of doing. In his new rant, he cautioned adherents of the faith to stop saying Jesus is coming soon.

According to KSM, it’s been 2019 years since the statement “Jesus is coming soon” has been getting uttered by Christians, still Jesus has not yet come.

He tweeted:

“For 2,019 years, it’s ALWAYS been said JESUS is coming SOON. Can we just drop this SOON matter and just say EVENTUALLY? #justthinking.”

In a past interview, KSM gave reasons why Christianity in Ghana has become a commercial activity in Ghana.

“Christianity in Ghana now has become a commercial activity, a situation which leaves much to be desired.

“When someone gives more as offering to the church, he is openly praised for his benevolence to, and in so doing humiliate those who were unable to give same. For me personally I always speak against such behaviour; and since when did God’s blessing start to be auctioned?”, he said.


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