Frodd emerges Winner of The Arena Games on #BBNaija Day 68


Sore Tales

Team Legends mourn their loss to Team Enigma in another Wager Task.

Where there are winners, there will also be losers. Team Enigma are basking in the joy of another victory, but team Legends aren’t taking it so well.

Teary Venny

A hurt Venita couldn’t keep the tears from flowing as she found comfort in Seyi’s arms. At first, it seems like it was her team’s loss that got to her, but as it turns out, it was more than that. Her complain to Seyi about Frodd and Omashola made it a lot more obvious that she wasn’t pleased to be in the team she was. It was like watching all the cool kids play and you couldn’t join them and watching them win, made it worse.

The Target

Venita also found Mercy gloating as they were announced winners a bit too painful to bear. Assuring her, Seyi responded that she wasn’t the target of their chants, but Tacha. “Tacha is the main person Mercy and Diane were gunning for,” he explained. “I would have loved to shout too after what happened today, but because of you, I kept my cool,” he said while trying to calm her.

1567730267 56 screenshot 2019 09 05 at 11.35.33 pm

The Lamentations of Omashola

The reality of the punishment team Legends is about to bear dawned on Omashola and he ended up lamenting to Mercy and Ike. What makes his predicament a whole lot worse is that not only does his team have to bear the punishment from losing last week Wager Task, they now have to bear additional punishment for losing this week’s Wager Task. Certainly, tough times await Omashola and team Legends. Maybe it was a good decision he made, burying his sorrows in a bottle.

1567730367 56 screenshot 2019 09 06 at 12.03.15 am

Take a look at how it all went down:

Memorable Quotes From The Pepper Dem Gang

You know those lines we drop and we don’t know someone kept a record of them? Well, here are those memorable quotes from the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Gang.

Be it in their mundane conversations or during a heated moment, Housemates have said things that have made us pause and think. While some were downright funny, others were not. Let’s take a look:

“Charity for who?” Cindy

The not so new Housemate showed us that she had no chill when it came to money matters in the House. The statement was made when the other Housemates were planning to donate the Innoson car to charity. Well, she cleared the Housemates on this one.

“If I decide to have your daddy, I will have him in a day, ” Diane

The playful side of Diane was shown during a conversation with Esther, Seyi, Frodd and Sir Dee when she told other Housemates not to underrate her as she was capable of snatching the resident sugar daddy. 😉

“Throw away the diaper,” Elozonam

Elozonam might look calm but when it’s time to increase the heat, he brings it on full volume. This side of him came out when he and Frodd got into a quarrel about the cashew nuts that came with the Wager provisions.

“Everything is not hustle to me, I value brotherhood, “Frodd

Also called slow tiger (we wonder what kind of a tiger is slow), Frodd has always been a Peppery Housemate who doesn’t hide his emotions at any time.  He has some colourful quotes to his name and one which stands out is this one to Ike concerning the Veto Power decision Ike made when he Saved Omashola. Frodd who admitted that he will take bullets for Ike was quite ‘shook’ about his Igbo brother’s choice.

“F**k that ice cream my n*gga,” Ike
Spoken like the true gangsta he is. Ike dropped it like it’s hot in the quarrel he had with Seyi over ice cream after one of the Saturday Night Parties. The quote didn’t die there as Ike’s team etched the phrase on one of the costumes made for the OPPO Runway Task. Talk about cursing becoming creative. In that same conversation, Ike said: “Even God has a hard time controlling me.” Gangsta of life, after you, na you.

“You know what I mean?” Khafi

Yes, baby, we know what you mean. Almost in every conversation, this Big Brother Naija Housemates has had, the question pops out and while we might like to believe that this is an unconscious thing, we hope someone in the House won’t cut her short one day with a dicey reply.

“You feel me?” Mercy

Lamborghini Mercy, anytime, any day you are felt so we don’t think you need another person to tell you so. You feel me? oops😛

“You know what I mean?” Mike

Okay, we don’t know if this is a thing people who have lived abroad have, but Mike we know what you mean most times.

“I no dey okay oh” ​Omashola 
King of the Diary Room and proud representative of Whafi kingdom has also made some remarkable comments in the Big Brother Naija House. The Pepper Housemate who seizes every opportunity to chant “Warri… streets” displayed some drama when his Bet9ja Coins were stolen in the House. In a moment of unrestrained anger, Omashola ranted to all within hearing shots that ” I no dey okay oh” This was not only a warning to the Housemates but to us too because whenever we look at Omashola, we shall remember him as that Housemate who put it out there that he isn’t alright😄.

“Your village people are the cause of your problem,” Seyi

Sucre papito gave it to Ike during the quarrel over ice cream and we wondered if Ike’s village people also made their way into the Big Brother Naija House and we didn’t know about it.

“Tacha, Tacha, Tacha,” Tacha

This was Tacha’s response to Ebuka’s question: “What are the characteristics of a winner?” Not only did the other Housemates remember her response, but people outside did too, as that response trended and the word ‘Tacharistics’ was coined. That’s not all as she is fond of saying “listen to me, I will be here till the 99th day even if I sleep all day”. Well-spoken Ma, time will tell.

“If I set my compass on you, Khafi does not stand much of a chance,” Venita

Oshey, worldwide traveller and compass expert. This was Venita’s words to Gedoni and while this may show how determined the babe is, it didn’t escape us to take note of this gbas gbas gbos moment from Venita.

There you go, which Housemate quote will remain evergreen in your minds?

Trending With Lambo

Lamborghini Mercy sure brings on a lot of Pepper in the House and Twittersphere absolutely agree to this.

Twitter is always abuzz with whatever Mercy does in the Big Brother Naija House and we picked up on your tweets about her moments.

Unexplainable Love

Let’s start from the love, if Mercy was a snack, this tweep will have gobbled her without a crumb in sight. So much 💗

How can 1 person be this naturally beautiful 😳😳, Mercy you blow our mind, we die on top your matter. Your mama born you well Nne, Small mummy as i always call you, ur simplicity is second to none 😊 #BBNaija #MercyLambo Stay blessed 🙏

— David Enyinnaya Chuks (@davechuks_008) September 5, 2019

Head Of House With Her Boo

It was a joyful day when she became Head of House with her boo, Ike and this tweep noticed what happened on their journey to answer Biggie’s call😜.

#BBNaija Ike and Mercy become the first joint head of house..👏

Biggie : Head of house,immediately report to the diary room.

Mercy and Ike; Ok Biggie!!

heading towards the diary room..Ike & Mercy remember their love..stop midway and share a steamy kiss.💋


— 🅰kwa-☪ross bruda⚡ (@TonyWitty1) September 2, 2019

Real or Not?

Too many conversations on twitter streets about the status of Mercy’s butt but for some, they die there.

Mercy is the real deal! Hotness overdose 🔥🔥🔥 ion care if it’s fake butt or nah… she’s hot af #BBnaija

— Ivan 5star (@King_IvANblAnCO) July 6, 2019

mercy’s butt is prime time!!#BBNaija

— 👥Freddy Santana (@Bashir_alSaud) June 30, 2019

Saturday Night Party GOAT

Saturday Night Parties with Mercy is always a lit affair with those outfits that fit like a second skin, Mercy has served it hot. These tweets say it all.

Saturday night party is never complete without mercy idc 😌#BBNaija

— Favur🌊 (@Fayvor_) August 10, 2019

No Mercy No party..

In biggie’s house the gbedu of Saturday night party rests in the shoulder of a pretty loving damsel…Her name is “MERCY”…#BBNaija

— Swift Daniel (@swiftdannydan) August 10, 2019

Fashion Goddess

How many boxes of clothes did Mercy bring to the Pepper Dem House? We don’t know but babe has served us outfit goals since she entered the House. This tweep agrees to it.

My Mercy always look good in everything. Look at that simple little black dress looking like some million dollar 💵 sh!t 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. I Stan a fashion goddess #BBNaija #NoMercyNoPepper #TeamMercy

— QUEEN MERCY (@mercys_bestie) August 31, 2019

When Loss Hurts

Just like everybody in the Pepper Dem House, Mercy loves to win but this is not always the case as you lose some and you win some. Here’s what khleorozy tells Lambo.

Mercy You don’t have to be a sore loser all the time! Be happy for those that won, their winning was well deserve and it was glaring!! #BBNaija

— khleorozy (@khleorozy) September 4, 2019

Intercontinental Accent

Thanks to twitter, Mercy’s accent has been term Amerigbo,  a fusion of American accent and Igbo speak. We wouldn’t be surprised if this finds its way into the Oxford English dictionary.

Mercy’s amerigbo accent is something I can’t even get used to 😂😂😂

“Ama fuck them up” #bbnaija

— OSIKIRI (@truthtutor) August 24, 2019

Arena Games Matter

So she hasn’t won any of the Friday Arena Games so far but the season has ended yet as this tweep looks forward to when Mercy will emerge a winner. It will really be a lit Friday on the streets of Twitter.

The day mercy will win arena games bah Nd dat day is coming I will walk naked on this street 🙏🏻🙏🏻💃🏻💃🏻#bbnaija

— Ma_queen03 (@Amypec) August 31, 2019

As we have found out, it’s never silent on the streets of twitter when it comes to Mercy. Well done guys!

Mike, Tweeps’ Favourite

You can never get tired watching Mike do his thing in the House and Twitter is always happy for it.

How can you have a guy like Mike in the Pepper Dem House and not have Twitter lit with discussions about him? Funny, blunt and lively, Mike practically lives on Twitter as you, tweeps, won’t stop talking about him. Well, we can’t blame you, the resident cruise president has got a whole lot of moments that even you will tire to capture. But, not to worry, here are a few of them.

Remember how Mike rocked the act of kindness challenge where acting like a woman hairstylist, he made Esther’s hair. Yes, that got talking.

Mike should just open his own salon 💇 I’m impressed #bbnaija #DarlingBBNaijaTask #findYourbeautiful

— ZEE #MIKE&KIM 🚬👑 (@KimOprahBBNaija) August 28, 2019

During the Pepsi Know Da Lyrics challenge, Mike effortlessly earned himself the MC Oluomo title. His struggle to correctly pronounce the name in one of the songs they practiced made the title stick to him. And since then, he is usually excited whenever the song is played in the House.

Mike’s mood anytime he hears I go call MC Olumo for your case.. #BBNaija

— Whizman (@Whizman4) August 24, 2019

The time team Cruisetopia was replaced with Enigma and Ike, Mercy, Elozonam and Diane found themselves in the same team, you reacted this way:

Husband – Ike
Wife – Mercy
Daughter – Diane
Son in law – Elo
Uncle – Mike

All in one team. Get ready because ships will be wrecked #BBNaija

— Chineze (Ex Mrs Walcott 😢 Ozil’s bae💖 (@Amchizzy) August 25, 2019

We believe that Mike tries to get along with all the Housemates, but you said he was fond of Mercy and Ike.

Mike is the biggest fan of Mercy and Ike relationship 😀😀😀

The three of them got a genuine connection ❤️#BBNaija

— [email protected] (@amearyPearl) August 25, 2019

When you felt the cameraman man did not give you enough view on Mike, you were like:

I’ve not seen Mike
I’ve not seen Seyi
I’ve not seen Tacha

I am not understanding Kayode

Did Biggie send them on an errand? #BBNaija

— Evie: Mike’s Boxers 🚬👑 (@that_blacc_girl) August 27, 2019

When things got heated between Frodd and Mike, you said this:

Frodd always looking for opportunities to attack Mike. Cos Mike told him to leave Ike alone. #bbnaija

— ceaser (@tega4040) August 31, 2019

Frodd you need to say a big thank you to Ike for stopping mike. If not you for cry this night 🤣🤣🤣. Mike for roast you 🤣🤣🤣🤣#BBNaija

— fearless (@fearlesmikey) August 31, 2019

Mike is funny of course, and he has kept us glued to our screens with his fun moments. Check this tweet.

Mike is just a positive vibe, if you’re having a bad day and Mike starts talking you fit laugh piss for body. Chai this my fave ehn 🤣🤣🤣#BBNaija

— The Future Is Mike🚬👑🚬👑 (@TheFutureIsMik3) September 4, 2019

Yesterday when Biggie called each Housemate for the Diary session and Mike was begging Biggie to give him some time to put his clothes on, it cracked us up. You noticed it too.

Mike ooo😂😂😂 biggie I’m just getting my shirt no strike pls😂😂👏👏 #bbnaija

— MIKE BBN (@Mikewarlords) September 5, 2019

Also, Mike wanted to know what went through Tacha’s mind as she and Seyi left the House during their fake Eviction. Mercy later said that Tacha’s response was epic. Again, Twitter won’t let that slip through too.

Mercy – I walked in Mike and Tacha was having a conversation

Mike asked her how did she feel when she fake Evicted , she said she was happy to go home to her family to people that love her

Mercy – I just walked in and out ..that Answer was Brilliant

Ad break😡#BBNaija

— Petu Baby ❤ (@QueenMogotsi) September 6, 2019

Jackye and Mike were buddies when she was around. Here’s how you captured one of their moments here:

I see some of you are having chest pains about Mike moving to Jackye’s bed 😁😁😁. I wonder why though #BBNaija

— Zondi ka Ntsele,Madlala NgeNdlovu😘 (@Arara_JM18) September 6, 2019

Mike is a savage. He just woke up and said let’s be even and he let her pour water in his bed and moved to another bed. Mike kee me. Jackye you will not get the attention you are seeking just sleep and await a very important day #BBNaija

— EverybodySayNEWYORK (@AlexMyAlebaby) August 25, 2019

A moment with Mike in the Big Brother House is indeed a memorable one. You Twitter users know this, so why won’t you keep tweeting?

Frodd Rescues To Victory

As the fastest Housemate to finish the fire service challenge, Frodd emerged winner of the Arena Games.

With a whopping 2 million naira up for grabs, it was a fight to the finish as the Pepper Dem Gang dashed for the win at the fire service designed Friday Arena Games.

The Truck Travel

The challenge which was divided into three stages saw the Housemates push a mini fire truck from one part of the field to another and make the accompany siren sound without lifting the truck off the ground. After solving the envelope puzzle, the truck was returned to the fire station.

1567816386 34 screenshot 2019 09 06 at 9.37.10 pm

The Rescue

The three phases included knocking the fire cups off the table with a water pump, picking up the lost cat from the tree trunk and returning it into the cat carrier. The final challenge was solving a word puzzle.

The First Attempt

Khafi was the first Housemate to step into the fire service officer’s shoes. In a Game of time and accuracy, she tried her best to navigate each step within the given pace. The time given was five minutes and if she had done it wrong or not finished on time, she deserved a penalty. Though she had a problem with the first phase of the challenge spending much time there, she still managed to finish in one minute 35 seconds.

1567816569 34 screenshot 2019 09 06 at 9.14.59 pm

The Penalty

For some reasons, some of the Housemates broke the rules. Trust Biggie, each person got additional times to their finishing time. What this meant was that if you had only completed the Task the fastest but got the puzzle wrong, you got extra times. While all other Housemates got penalized with 30 seconds, Mercy got two minutes 30 seconds and Tacha and Diane got 1 minute each.

A Sweet Win

Though nobody got the puzzle right, Frodd stood out as the fastest Housemate to finish the challenge even after the extra 30 seconds was added. For this reason, he was declared the winner of the Bet9ja Arena Games.

1567816473 34 screenshot 2019 09 06 at 10.31.54 pm

A Twist

Just when Frodd was already expecting to receive his 400 Bet9ja Coins, Biggie struck with a twist – no Bet9ja Coins reward for the winner tonight! As expected, the look on Frodd’s face showed he wasn’t happy with the judgement. But what could he do? Biggie knows best.

Reward or not, Frodd has shown his determination for a win and has done well with this one. Congratulations man! We hope he keeps up with the win.3BB

Source: Twitter – @davechuks_008, @TonyWitty1, @King_IvANblAnCO, @Bashir_alSaud, @Fayvor_,@swiftdannydan

@mercys_bestie, @khleorozy, @truthtutor, @Amypec

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