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Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah has stated in a recent interview that she has never been to a night club to party. According to the dark-skinned actress, the only time she goes to a night club is when it is used as a location for a movie shoot.

“I’ve never been to the night club before. The only time I go to the nightclub is when I am acting. My friends know. When they are going out at night I don’t go,” Martha Ankomah.

She continued by stating that her not going to night clubs has helped her in so many ways.

“it has helped me a save money”.

Martha Ankomah further revealed how a Christian upbringing played a huge role in her life.

“You will have to go to Sunday school before you eat rice water. For me, becoming a Christian started from childhood. My mum and dad contributed a lot. Growing up till date, I give credit to God and my mum. When I give birth, I’ll train my daughters the same way”, she said.


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