I/O ’19: Google is bringing augmented reality to search

I/O ’19: Google is bringing augmented reality to search

Tech giant Google has announced it is introducing augmented reality (AR) to Google Search. This was revealed at I/O ’19, the company’s annual developer’s conference. 

f you’re searching for new shoes online, you can see shoes up close from different angles and even see how they go with your current wardrobe. You can also use Google Lens to get more information about what you’re seeing in the real world. So if you’re at a restaurant and point your camera at the menu, Google Lens will highlight which dishes are popular and show you pictures and reviews from people who have been there before.

In GoogleGo, a search app for first-time smartphone users, Google Lens will read out loud the words you see, helping the millions of adults around the world who struggle to read everyday things like street signs or ATM instructions.

Google also unveiled to new products: the new Pixel 3a (and 3a XL), and the Google Nest Hub Max.

“With Pixel 3a, we’re giving people the same features they love on more affordable hardware. Google Nest Hub Max brings the helpfulness of the Assistant to any room in your house, and much more,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

At I/O, Google also announced a set of privacy improvements so that people have clear choices around their data.

” Google Account, which provides a single view of your privacy control settings, will now be easily accessible in more products with one tap. Incognito mode is coming to Maps, which means you can search and navigate without linking this activity with your Google account, and new auto-delete controls let you choose how long to save your data. We’re also making several security improvements on Android Q, and we’re building the protection of a security key right into the phone for two-step verification,” the CEO said.

The company also unveiled new tools and accessibility features, including Live Caption, which can caption a conversation in a video, a podcast or one that’s happening in your home. In the future, Google said Live Relay and Euphonia will help people who have trouble communicating verbally, whether because of a speech disorder or hearing loss.

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