More Hilarious Tweets about The Pepper Dem Gang on #BBNaija Day 67


“I Just Wish I Can Beat Someone,” Mercy

Team Arla Butter won the cooking show challenge but this news didn’t sit well with some members of the Pepper Dem Gang.

Following the announcement of team Arla Butter as the champions of the Arla cooking challenge, Mercy, Venita, Cindy, Elozonam and Mike each expressed their displeasure about the result.

Thoroughly Pained

“If I buy that kind of food from a restaurant, I won’t go back there again.” This was Mercy talking about the food that the Arla Butter team made. She was not alone in this as Venita couldn’t believe that despite all her team’s efforts, they were not picked as winners. Venita who was vexed shouted that, “they are mad,” referring to the judges.

Elozonam was also on the plane as he complained about everything the winning team did. He also said that Tacha was a horrible loser. Wow, we didn’t see that coming. Their pain was also noted by tweet oracle who advised them in his tweet.

I can see how the other House Mates are complaining about the results.

I guess they are yet to wrap their heads around the fact that #TeamArlaButter won the cooking Challenge.

It is what it is, its a task and the BEST team won.

It’s as simple as that #BBNaija

— #BBNAIJA (@TWEETORACLE) September 4, 2019

Karma Perhaps?

Mercy’s soreness about Khafi, Frodd, Tacha and Omashola’s team winning was noted but we couldn’t help but wonder if karma was at play here. Remember the last Dano challenge where Mercy flashed the zero card at Khafi’s team? Well, this tweep thinks fate had something to do about the situation.

Mercy raise a zero card for Omashola,Frodd and Khafi.. for Arla Danilo milk challenge… but today they finally regained the 250k… is God not wonderful #BBNaija

— Marii🥀🔱 (@O_obasa1) September 5, 2019

Ignorance Is Bliss

While the other Housemates were talking about them, Tacha and her teammates were enjoying the feeling of being winners. They carried on with preparations for their Task oblivious of what the other teams felt about their victory. Well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

1567649602 34 screenshot 2019 09 05 at 2.52.31 am

With the Arla/Dano challenge out of the way, how ready are the teams for the Wager Task Presentation?

The Diary Room: The Hottest Spot In Biggie’s House

We get to see the funny, emotional and downright dramatic in Biggie’s Diary Room.

Biggie’s Diary Room is one spot that gives us access to the minds of our Housemates. Through their Diary Sessions, we’ve discovered the funny, the emotional, the dramatic and the serious. We know you’ve seen them too, let’s take a look.

The Funny

When Omashola and Khafi are on the famous yellow seat, you sure are in for loads of entertainment. While the former often raves in Pidgin English, the latter entertains with her girlish demeanour. The Warri boy comes through with truckloads of gist and he never gives a simple straight forward answer. As for Khafi, her free-spiritedness makes her look innocent, like a kid who has found her playmate.

The Emotional

The Dairy Room is also a place where those who have issues with other Housemates get to unburden their minds. Mercy shed tears when asked by Biggie about who had the most impact on her childhood. Remembering her mum’s sacrifices, she burst into tears.

1567546233 25 my post

The Dramatic

The Housemates’ drama does not end in the lounge and the Arena, it often spills over to Biggie’s Diary room too! Who can forget Venita’s very first Diary session wherein she asked Biggie for chocolate?  “Where does this mama think she’s at?” asked many Big Brother Fans on Twitter.

Seyi is another dramatic character in the Diary Room. If he is not shining his eyeballs (an attribute that has earned him the “meme god” title), he is answering Biggie’s questions in a witty way with an element of drama. It seems with him the Diary Room is nothing but a stage.

The Serious

Cindy, Diane, Elozonam and Frodd often appear serious in their responses to Big Brother during their sessions. These Housemates seem to treat their time in the Diary Room as though that yellow seat was made of thorns. Their faces are often pensive and seemingly deep in thoughts, searching for calculated answers.

1567546305 25 my post 1

The Blunt

Ike, Mike and Tacha say it as it is; they call a spade a spade. Ike never minces his words when it comes to his feelings, ambitions and thoughts on other Housemates while Mike and Tacha have a way of answering Biggie with precise, short answers.

Biggie’s Diary Room gives us front row seats into the minds of the Pepper Dem Gang. What have been your observations about our Housemate’s personalities while watching these? Have you got a session that you particularly look forward to? Share your thoughts!

Watch the spicy Diary Room sessions here.

The Pepper Dem Gang: A Look At The Guys

Let’s have a quick review of what Elozonam, Frodd, Ike, Mike, Omashola, and Seyi have been serving us since stepping into Biggie’s House.

With just over a month to go before we find out who will win the ultimate prize, we take a look at the gentleman who are the contenders.


Despite coming into the House in Week five of the show, Elozonam has proven that he is ready to take on any member of the Pepper Dem Gang. His competitive spirit has earned him the Friday Arena Games win and the Veto Power Game of Chance. His relationship with Diane has revealed quite a lot about him too. We’re waiting to see where it leads them.


From his relationship with Esther to his river of tears, Frodd’s personality has given us a lot of entertaining vibes. Like Omashola, he too showed interest in Venita but later left her for Esther. We have seen different sides of him during the Tasks. He has been a model, dancer, actor and even yogi, all of which he does with passion.

1567690494 34 am bbn s4 201907015 day 14 crying for love 2


The resident gangster is known for his shenanigans; Bet9ja Coin thieving, selling Veto Power and not having the ability to hold his liquor. Besides his relationship with Mercy, Ike has also been the bubbly guy behind the drama. He has adopted ‘The Resident Nice Guy’ moniker which he uses to introduce himself each time he gets the chance to.


The resident cruise president, Mike is the counsellor in the House. His classic advice session with Frodd won’t be forgotten quickly. What about that time he went real with Tacha when she and Seyi returned from the Secret Room? Witty and blunt, he never minces his words.


When we think of Omashola, we often remember the moment his Bet9ja Coins were stolen. Apart from his many Arena Game wins, he has also amused us with the way he was excited upon seeing Venita in the House. His funny expressions and Warri mantra are a staple. In the Diary room, his session with Biggie is worthy of a sit down accompanied with some popcorn.

1567690407 34 am bbn s4 20190706 day6 omashola coin stolen


The resident Sugar Daddy, Seyi has served us interesting moments in the House. Apart from putting up great acts during Task presentations, he has also entertained us with his situationship with Tacha. Absolutely everyone is waiting on that ship. Whether it sails or not remains to be seen.

From their Saturday Party dance to the Arena Games and Task Presentations, the Pepper Dem guys have kept us glued to our screens from day one.

The Pepper Dem Gang: A Look At The Girls

Let’s have a quick review of what Cindy, Diane, Khafi, Mercy, Tacha, and Venita have been serving us since stepping into Biggie’s House.

With just over a month to go before we find out who will win the ultimate prize, we take a look at the ladies who are the contenders.


When she entered the House, the Pepper Dem Gang were not all too cheerful to receive her. But we soon forgot this as her transformation from the quiet Cindy to a very competitive lady who is not scared to confront anybody that steps on her toes. If her standing up to Tacha in the Garden during the Darling Challenge was nothing to go by, how about her amassing so many fans despite coming five weeks late into the House? No doubt, Cindy has come a long way.


Sweet, calm and friendly, Diane’s strategy in the House seems to be a discreet Game of innocence. Have you wondered why she has never really had any squabble with any member of the Pepper Dem Gang? Well, they probably don’t see her as a threat, which is why she keeps serving us friendship goals like no other. When we think of her relationship with Mercy and Elozonam, we see a woman who understands the Game and knows who to align with. Well, let’s see how far this takes her.


As one of the Pepper Dem ladies who has enjoyed a great deal of rapport with the other Housemates, Khafi’s moment in the House reminds us of one who is truly there to have fun. But on a closer look, especially after Gedoni was Evicted, we have seen a renewed version of her. More energetic, focused, Khafi has gone on to win the reputable HoH title as well as an Innoson car. Besides the wins, the free-spirit lady aka “a cup of Khafi” has maintained an interesting relationship with Tacha and this continues to blossom.

1567695149 34 screenshot 2019 08 01 at 10.52.17 pm


One of the Pepper Dem ladies whose moments in the House we cannot forget in a hurry is Mercy, aka Lamborghini. Apart from her fighting spirit at every Task, she has continued to entertain us at the Saturday Parties. Her relationships with Diane and Ike have helped us uncover various layers of her personality. The way she responds to issues that especially concern her people shows her fierce loyalty.


Fierce, strong and friendly, Tacha is a no-nonsense lady whom nobody messes with. Since stepping into the House, she has made it clear that she can’t be taken for a ride. Her fake Eviction alongside Seyi has revealed another side to her that we didn’t see before. After earning a second strike, she was seen in Biggie’s Diary Room, on her knees, begging for his forgiveness. Talk about humbling yourself! Or is it all part of a strategy?


The gorgeous mother of two has given us many remarkable moments in the Pepper Dem House. She came into the House with so much spice that Omashola couldn’t stop showing excitement. Her peppery outfit, A-grade make up game and stunning looks cannot be ignored. She is also one of the Housemates that serve us killer moves at the Saturday Parties.

1567694927 34 screenshot 2019 08 08 at 10.32.46 pm

What is the Big Brother House without interesting gist, banter and spicy dance moves? The Pepper Dem ladies have never ceased to dish them out to us and are glad for it.

Diane’s Twitter Vibes

Here are the moments Twitter went gaga over Diane’s lit moments in Biggie’s House.

One of the members of the Pepper Dem Gang that Twitter users can’t stop talking about is Diane. From her moment with mercy to her relationship with Elozonam, Twitter is always on fire anytime Diane is in the fore of happenings in the House.   Let’s check them out.

On The VPH Saga

We were not the only ones who were shocked when Elozonam boldly Saved Venita during his Veto Power reign. You were too:

Seyi you had just one job and that was to give us Diane #BBNaija

— Eniola Olayheni☻ (@Olayheni) September 2, 2019

On The Dialo Ship

Like every relationship, the Dialo ship didn’t sail immediately. There were doubtful times. These two did not slip through your fingers.

Mercy wants Elo to date Diane,
Ike wants Elo to date Diane
Elo wants Elo to date Diane..
however, Diane doesn’t know what she wants. #BBNaija

— the Colossus (@28VVD) September 1, 2019

In conclusion:

Elozonam told Diane that he likes her.

Diane confirmed to Elo that she’s keeping him at arm’s length cos of someone out the house

Elo & Diane agreed that they will keep being themselves until after the house & see how it goes

Finally, There is NO SHIP#bbnaija

— Titi’s Diary (@ohh_Titi) September 2, 2019

When the storm seemed steady, you also could not help being entertained by it.

The way Elo calls Diane..damn that thing sweet my stomach #BBNaija

— Cecilia (@Ligege_Tshiwela) September 4, 2019

Kayode tonight there’s no Froddsther that you used to shove down our throats…so when Diane and Elozonam have the talk don’t be unfortunate #BBNaija

— Nyasha Chipo Marecha (@nash_cee) September 1, 2019

As always, your curiosity also got you wondering whether or not the ship will dock in Biggie’s House. Here’s how you put it:

Elo just confessed he likes Diane and would date her outside the house .#BBNaija

— ❤Elozonam❤Diane❤Frodd❤ (@Lolly_funk) September 1, 2019

On Friendship Goals

Here’s how you captured one of those moments Diane and her buddy, Mercy, had their gist:

Mercy,Diane and gossip

— TACHA_HYPEWOMAN🔱🔱 (@preshlenas) September 3, 2019

Escaping Eviction Wrath

Even though her name hardly pops up when we talk of Housemates up for Eviction, she has made it this far in Biggie’s House. When we expected you would commend her, here’s how you reacted:

I still don’t know how Diane escapes Nomination #BBNaija

— Alexander Retamar (@ChuksEmueze) September 3, 2019

Make I hear they should’ve given us Diane again
How many times they’ve give you and you couldn’t send her home
It’s not you haters decide
It’s her fan base na 🤣#BBnaija

— Diane & Mercy❣️❣️ (@hawtdoll23) September 2, 2019

On The Cooking Challenge

We all know the Pepper Dem Gang like food a lot and all the female members can’t stop showing off their culinary skills. But, in the Arla Cooking challenge, they stepped up their Game. Here’s your reaction:

Who saw khafi licking the plate, mercy, diane, Mike and ike food must be too sweet #BBNaija

— Team Mike/Mercy/Elo (@unusualqueenb) September 4, 2019

The Association of Twitter users always has their fingers busy on the keyboard whenever Diane shows her vibes. Well done guys! Keep up with the flow.

The Timeline’s Joker

For some reason, Ike has been a source of amusement to Twitterverse. Here’s all the time he made twitter laugh.

Apart from being in a love-hate relationship with Mercy, one thing Ike does effortlessly is giving Twitterverse premium content to laugh about. His quest to be the last man standing in the Big Brother Naija House while juggling a relationship and occasionally robbing unsuspecting Housemates of their hard-earned Bet9ja Coins has endeared him to the Twitter mob.

1567706404 56 dsc 7430

From his antics during Task presentation to creeping under the sheets with Mercy, the world can’t seem to stop tweeting about him and laughing. We found a few of the hilarious tweets you made about him.

The Laughing King

He had just one job – be a stern king, but his lips had another job offer.

This was the time he was supposed to play the role of a stern King and his lips betrayed him and broke into laughter and we all started laughing, but not before we tweeted about it?

When king Ike is suppose to be angry but keeps laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣#BBNaija

— yummywifey (@Mummjay1) August 1, 2019

Narrator: The King was furious..

Ike the king:#BBNaija

— iConicMia🔱 (@MaiaOma) August 1, 2019

Mr. Gummy Fingers

Ike’s exploit as a Coin bandit hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Mercy: To buy immunity for 2 weeks is now 2500 +20%

Ike : I have to steal more coins now #BBNaija

— Otunba Kamaldeen (@OtunbaKamaldeen) August 29, 2019

Omashola said he is sure the person that stole his bet9ja coins has been evicted 😂😂😂

Ike: #BBNaija

— Support Mike Ike Mercy Frodd Venita (@iampeteranking) August 29, 2019

Even you guys have started urging him to go ahead and steal Coins.

Dear Ike,
Ike, the time has come for you to steal coins…i don’t care who you are stealing from except from Mike and mercy…you need to spice up this game,.so we can buy immunity for 2weeks…#BBNaija

Ike gang

— Nick😕😔😃😃 (@nicksli01) August 29, 2019

Randy Ike

The time resident gangsta got humbled by raging hormones.

Last night was Hilarious
When Mercy was fanning herself ontop konji control😁
When Ike was covering his boner with his red shoe😂
Then when Ike started giving himself & his boner Self-control pep talk in front of the mirror, I died 🤣 #bbnaija

Talk about signing up for content!

— Prettyrandomm (@prettyrandomm) August 11, 2019

IKE IS GOING NOWHERE!!! Konji go kee you!! That mercy yansh no be here Baba don hard 😂😂 #BBNaija

— Toyorcee_ (@Olaniya26047390) July 6, 2019

The Viral Phrase

His fight with Seyi gave birth to a popular phrase that ended up going viral and served as a response to just about any statement.

Armed robber 1… *Kick down the door*

Ike and mercy… *Hides under the bed*

Armed robber 1 – who dey this house?

Ike and mercy –

Armed robber 2 – omo dem get ice cream for here ooo



— Itz_CHIKE (@eddyblue162) August 30, 2019

When i heard ‘no curse words for the next 48 hours’
What instantly came to my head was, Fuck that ice cream my nigga! 😂😂😂 #BBNaija

— Baybie (@Baybie8) August 13, 2019

Imagine the Pastor saying ‘Praise the Lord’ And they hear you say “Fuck that ice cream my nigga” 😂😂😂😂Jesu l. Will fall from the chair😂😂😂😂

— Thandoe Sithole (@ThandoeSithole) August 12, 2019

One thing is certain, as long is Ike is still in the House, the timeline will constantly be filled humourous tweets about our favourite new joker. Here’s a look at what Twitter said in a video:

Pepper Dem Gang’s Embarrassing Moments

The Pepper Dem Gang prove to us they are human like everyone else and they have embarrassing moments.

Every now and then we get into situations we are not exactly proud of. We have aptly called these situations our embarrassing moments. Some we look back at and have a good laugh while some, we’ve tucked at the bottom of the files in our memory cabinets. Never to be revisited. The Pepper Dem Gang shared some of their embarrassing moments and before you cringe, just remember you’ve had yours too!

Getting Thonged Up

As kids, a few of us wanted to imitate the stars we saw on TV and what they do. From movie stars to wrestlers (so much for the ‘Do not try this at home’ warning) and music artists, life on the TV was always worth imitating.  So it was perfectly normal for Khafi Kareem to want to imitate what she saw on TV. Her most embarrassing moment was when she tried imitating the video vixens she saw in a music video. Nothing to be embarrassed by, right? Well, the vixens had thongs on and guess who didn’t have thongs and still wanted to pull it off? 😂 “I decided to squeeze my pants in my bumbum and dance in front of the mirror and my mum came in and saw me,” she revealed.

Farting Up The Moment

Now, the number one rule in the ‘farting code of conduct’ is to never own up no matter what. You might not have been able to hold the fart in, but you will have to hold this truth in. In Elozonam’s case, he stuck true to the code of the veteran ‘farters’. He said “I farted in a studio, a small one, and it stank. Everyone knew it was me but I refused to admit it.” All we can say is WOW!

The Split

Meet the ‘It feels satisfying dressed with no underwear’ gang. We can’t say for certain if Frodd belongs to this gang or he just wanted to try out something new, but either way, he definitely regretted his action. “My most embarrassing moment would be stepping out to lectures without underwear, and my trouser split into two ways when I lifted my legs to get on the bus,” he shared.

We can’t help but imagine how the walk of shame went. Must have been a sight.

 The Chronicles of Ike

Drunk tales didn’t start today and they are not ending anytime soon. The strongest have been humbled by alcohol and Ike was once a victim. His embarrassing moment saw him not just getting drunk in the club, but also having to get carried out of the club and trying to get into fistfights with friends. One would think after that situation, Mr Gangstar would chill on the liquor. Nah, not Ike. He still had one too many drinks in the House and got into a couple of altercations. The most prominent being the one he had with Seyi earning him a Strike.

Wow! This Is A Bit Dark!

Seyi once contemplated suicide over an item he took without the knowledge of the owner. “I tried to commit suicide over a gold wristwatch I borrowed from my Dad without his permission (stole) and he beat me senseless in front of the entire house staff, ” narrated Seyi.

We understand what it’s like getting punished in public. The shame! The stares! It rarely ever goes away. Years from the day of the incident, people will still bring it up like “Remember when daddy beat you like a goat for stealing his watch?” We are sure glad our resident sugar daddy didn’t go ahead with that thought. The Pepper Dem House won’t be the same without him.

The Case of the Ex

Not only can being turned down by your ex hurt, but it can also be quite embarrassing. Omashola, unfortunately, felt the weight of both and we feel his pain. When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes one’s pride takes the back seat, but this doesn’t mean certain moments still won’t feel embarrassing. This was one of those moments for Omashola

Cindy’s case was different. She took ‘fighting for love’ quite literally. Not only did she get into a fight with an Ex-boyfriend’s side chic, but she also got her ass beaten and to top it off, her siblings are still mocking her till date. We would have suggested she beat them too, but what if she gets her ass handed over to her again?

Coming First from Behind

No one likes the least position in any competition. Neither does Mike and the memory of finishing last at the British Championships in 2014 still haunts him, making it his most embarrassing moment.

His fate seems to have changed in the Pepper Dem House. He hasn’t finished last in any of the Bet9ja Friday Night Arena Games and has even won one. Not bad Mike. Not bad. Hopefully, he gets new memories to help in suppressing the British Championship of 2014.

The Red Rage

The red lady has a way of dripping unannounced and some of our Pepper Dem Gang have had to have someone else tell them about their visitor. Tacha and Mercy have both experienced this while Diane had to walk around the market stained until she found someone who gave her a scarf to cover up.

Never Embarrassed

Sorry folks, no embarrassing story here. This is all Venita has to tell you. “I’m hardly ever embarrassed I don’t get embarrassed easily to be honest because whatever weird or awkward situation occurs it’s happened before to someone else. I’m human,” she said, as a matter of fact.

To be honest, she said it best. We are all human and we all make mistakes. We all have moments that we aren’t proud of. What we shouldn’t do is dwell on those moments till it gets you in a mood. Just learn from those moments and keep it moving.

Source: Twitter – @TWEETORACLE, @O_obasa1

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