Nigerians React As Peruzzi ‘Assaults’ Pamilerin Over Teni

Nigerians React As Peruzzi 'Assaults' Pamilerin Over Teni

A storm of mixed reactions by Nigerians has greeted Peruzzi‘s purported assault on Pamilerin, a Nigerian social media influencer.

Naija News learned that the singer assaulted the social media influencer over a post he published in January on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, stating that Teni is a better musician than Peruzzi.

This online news platform recalls that Peruzzi had on January 6, expressed disappointment for not winning the “Best New Artiste” of the year at the 2018 Soundcity MVP Awards. Teniola won the award ahead of Peruzzi.

Apparently displeased with Teni’s emergence, Perruzi, took to Twitter to express his disappointment saying: “Personally I’d say I worked the hardest last year than any other new act, same way I made more money last year than any other new act in the country. There’s a way I see myself, it’s MY race, there’s a way I’m running it. Focus on yours. Facts overhype. It’s really simple,” he had tweeted.

Moments after Peruzzi’s tweet, Pamilerin conducted an opinion poll on Twitter, asking people to vote for the musician that deserved the award between Peruzzi and Teni.

“Who deserved the award more?” Pamilerin had asked, with the result of the poll showing that Teni received 83% and Peruzzi 17% from a total of 541 votes.

“Can somebody tell Peruzzi to shut up. Uncle, release a single without featuring anyone first. Let’s see how far you can go with that,” Pamilerin had tweeted in reaction to Peruzzi’s rant.

Peruzzi, a songwriter under Davido Music Worldwide record label (DMW), however, responded to the tweet six months after with an assault on the social media influencer.

Naija News reports that the singer assaulted Pamilerin at Aridold Resort Wellness and Spa in Bayelsa state, south-south Nigeria.

Pamilerin fondly called Pam Pam, confirmed the assault to Naija News in the wee hours of Monday, June 10.

Our correspondent asked: “There is a rumour that you were assaulted by Peruzzi, can you kindly confirm this?”

Pamilerin replied: “It’s not a rumour… its true.”

Moments after the news of the assault went viral, Nigerians took to Twitter to air their opinions.

Naija News captured some of the reactions below…

Teni is better than Peruzzi
Teni is better than Peruzzi

Teni is better than Peruzzi
Teni is better than Peruzzi
Teni is better than Peruzzi

Teni is better than Peruzzi
Teni is better than Peruzzi

That’s it again.
Okay, slap everybody that retweets this.
Obalende Travis Scott.

— OurFavOnlineDoctor 💘 🥳 (@DrOlufunmilayo) June 9, 2019

Peruzzi: shey ma you be Pamilerin from Twitter?


— Chemical Brother 👌 (@chemicalbrodar) June 9, 2019

So @Peruzzi_VIBES slapped @thepamilerin today over an old tweet 😭😭😭this is inhumane and barbaric from this Trash singer 🖕

— Indulge (@iam_indulge) June 9, 2019

It’s his opinion. But truly, Teni is actually better than Peruzzi. Going as far as slapping him because of his opinion is a no brainer. Pamilerin is suing. Someone needs to teach all these arrogant one-hit-wonder artists some bitter lesson.

— Wale Adetona (@iSlimfit) June 9, 2019

Whether you like Pamilerin or not and whether you are a fan of Peruzzi or not, we are all agreeing on one thing… Assaulting someone for airing his views is all shades of WRONG and shouldn’t be taken lightly lest it becomes a trend.

— Dr. Phoenix® (@ImeAkan3) June 9, 2019

In case you’ve been wondering why Peruzzi assaulted Pamilerin, here are the tweets

— 📷💄IG: @Karoseffect (@ogieva_) June 9, 2019

Peruzzi is always assisted in whatever he does.
Peruzzi is assisted while doing muzik.
Peruzzi was assisted while doing slap.
Who assists him while doing cum?

— OBMS Assembly Prefect (@egayphobia) June 10, 2019


He hit Pamilerin 😩😩😩😩

— Christopher Haze 🇳🇬 ✈ 🇬🇭 (@Prince__Chris) June 9, 2019

Nigerians are very sentimental. Peruzzi is suddenly untalented bc he slapped Pamilerin? Lol.

— ranti✨ (@rantiofrovalion) June 9, 2019

😂😂People gather here.. Who’s better among the two? Like for Peruzzi retweet for Teni

— Ned D Mahd Guy (@neddmahdguy) June 10, 2019

What in the world is going on!? So @Peruzzi_VIBES assaulted @thepailerin in Portharcourt.
Pamilerin was held down by his bouncer while he slapped him for tweeting about him in January.
This is inhumane and unacceptable!!!

— Biyi Tudors (@thebiyitudors) June 9, 2019

Peruzzi: I want white ogi

Pamilerin: Ahhh i sold the last ogi to Teni

Peruzzi: why

Pamilerin: She has a hit song


— G. R. E. A. T. N. E. S. S ^_^ (@MuizAremu) June 9, 2019

Be ready Peruzzi👿👿

— AHMED and 21 others (@AhmedDTrillion) June 10, 2019

So Peruzzi slapped Pam Pam the ninja turtle 😂😂

This is what happens when you tweet shit about someone else. A grown Ass man taking a picture after getting slapped 😖😖

— Deji (@felakinging) June 9, 2019

Pamilerin right now to peruzzi and his 30BG guys after the slap.

— DisturbingLagos (@TheOmolawyer) June 9, 2019

Peruzzi’s next ep

1. Revenge
2. Coming thra
3. Pamilerin’s arrival
4. Hold somebody ft. Bouncers
5. My Hand (pt1.)
6. Losing control
7. Pam! Pam! ft. Pamilerin
8. Champion slapper

— ŁĖÙŃÅMM3 (@GbasGbosInc_) June 10, 2019

Lemme Just drop this here So when Peruzzi wakes up he’ll know the people he’s slapping 😂😂😂

— Danny Walter 👑 (@cutewalter_) June 9, 2019

No one:

Not a single dragged artiste:

Not even Davido:

Peruzzi to Pam Pam:

— Mazi Mad Doctor🇳🇬🇳🇬 (@Zahir_bethatman) June 10, 2019

Dem u!!
Pam Pam is coming back
You will see his team
Not the 30BG oo
You will see his team
Fok u
But to Jesus be his glory
Somebody shout hallelujah.

— oLaNRe👔🇳🇬 (@Sammy_Armani) June 10, 2019

Pamilerin is trending

Pam pam is trending.

But must Peruzzi still need Davido before he would trend??🤣😭

— ATICKLE ❁ (@_harrisonJNR) June 10, 2019

J Cole said, fool me one time shame on you, fool me twice I can’t put the blame on you, but thrice? Fuck the peace sign, I will let it rain on you.

Thrice Dr Pam Pam called out on this nigga

— chukwu_chukwu (@dili_0) June 9, 2019

After the slap peruzzi tells pam pam
If I hear phim

Pam Pam :

— Bruno (@Brunofreshboy) June 9, 2019

Peruzzi – obalende travis scott

Perruzi – Alimosho lucky dube

Pamilerin – pam pam the Ninja turtle

Teni – makanaki yokozuna

Who gave all these guys this nick names

— Otunba Bussie (@Iam_bussiepr) June 9, 2019

After the slap peruzzi realized he made a mistake told Pam Pam
: I’m sorry bro

Pam pam :

— Bruno (@Brunofreshboy) June 9, 2019

So Peruzzi actually waited for 6 months just to slap pam pam…

God please anybody weh carry me for mind like this am sorry.

— Bourne$🦅 (@Divine6199) June 9, 2019

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