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The threatened burning down of Nigeria by Fulani youths under the auspices of “coalition of Northern Youths”, if the Nigerian government fails to lift the RUGA suspension at the expiration of 30 days ultimatum is both insultive and daft. A conglomeration of Biafran youths spread all over the world, have pointedly challenged these Fulani Islamic youths to dare the 30 days ultimatum by immediately carrying out their threat against Nigerians. Biafran youths further stated that it will be an act of desperate stupidity, shame and cowardice if at the eventual expiration of the 30 days ultimatum, the Fulani youths fail to make good their threat. Recall that recently, the occupational Islamic government of Nigeria controlled by the Fulani oligarchy, announced that the obnoxious and provocative policy whereby indigenous lands of communities across the country will be forcefully confiscated and designated stone-age settlements (colonies) for Fulani cattle rearing enterprise to be known as RUGA, would be established by the Nigerian government. This archaic and devilish private business policy of the Fulani Islamists however was met with widespread stiff opposition from the aborigines of diverse indigenous population across the Southern part of Nigeria especially in Biafraland, thereby setting the pace for the much anticipated dissolution of Nigeria. The unprecedented corresponding pressure coming from the indigenous inhabitants led to the hurried suspension of the evil policy floated by the occupational Nigerian Islamic government.


Following the announcement of the suspension, came the insane declared 30 days ultimatum by a group of Fulani hooliganic illiterates who called themselves “Coalition of Northern Youths”, handing down a threat of mayhem should the suspension of the RUGA policy not reversed within 30 days. In the broadcast containing the genocidal threat, the Fulani youths threatened to kill the Igbo residents in Northern Nigeria and take over their businesses/properties located across the region. They further stated that the Igbos have strongly denied them access to lands for their RUGA Settlements, thereby incapacitating the Nigerian government with the implementation of the policy.


Biafran youths densely resident across different countries of the world, unanimously and strongly challenged the Fulani youths to immediately begin the process of burning down Nigeria without further delay. Mazi Emeka Gift, an astute Biafran activist, journalist and founder of Family Writers Press International, a leading and exceptionally vibrant social media organization on his authentic facebook page, defiantly challenged the notorious Fulani Islamic criminals who go by the name “Coalition of Northern Youths”, to immediately start doing their worst as Biafran youths under the umbrella body of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, are very much readily prepared for them. He made it abundantly clear in agreement with the decision of the overwhelming majority of Biafrans that even if the heaven collapses, there will never be any such thing like RUGA settlements or whatever nomenclature of such an evil policy of the Islamists, anywhere in Biafraland. Reacting also to the statement of the Fulani youths via the facebook platform, Mazi Kelvin Blaide, a bona-fide Ijaw Biafran activist and a family member of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Rivers State, clearly stated the obvious. He challenged the Fulanis to immediately start off with their agenda instead of cowardly awaiting the expiration of 30 days ultimatum.


Mazi Onyebuchi Eze, another Biafran activist and a prolific writer with Family Writers Press International, totally condemned in strongest terms, the manner in which the Nigerian Fulani oligarchy blatantly insults the sensitivity of other indigenous population caged up in the Nigerian federation. He described the outburst and genocidal threat of the Fulani youths as treasonable felony requiring instant arrest and prosecution. He however, appreciated the courage of the Fulanis for single-handedly maintaining the continued insult on the sensitivity of other youths in Nigeria that have remained disgustingly daft even in the face of tribal extinction occasioned by institutionalized, uselessly unprogressive political correctness. Mazi Onyebuchi Eze further challenged the Fulani youths not to end up as the defunct Arewa youths under Alhaji Yerima Shettima that went extinct after their unrealised threat of genocide against peace loving Igbo Biafrans resident in the Northern part of Nigeria, christened “Kaduna Declaration ” Mazi Onyebuchi Eze reiterated that the Arewa youths ended up being “rabble rousers” rather than carrying out their insanity of a threat.


A visit to the facebook wall of Biafran youths is an encouraging testimonial of the numerous responses/expressions given to the threat of mayhem on the people. Various interviews carried out across Biafraland, clearly show a cross section of Biafran youths vehemently insisting that nothing whatsoever, will make them to accept anything called RUGA or National Livestock Transformation Program in their communities. Their lands are ancestral gifts handed over to them by God which must never be traded under any guise. They challenged the notorious Fulani Islamists to do their worst at the expiration of the so-called 30 days ultimatum as they themselves are eagerly awaiting them in whatever shape.


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