If really there exists anything presently which has the capacity of definitively remedying the sorry situation and constituting the final antidote to the persistent insults of the Fulani oligarchy on the various indigenous nations entrapped in the Nigerian contraption, it would not certainly be a mere suspension of the devilish policy called RUGA. It should be an outright declaration of “TO YOUR TENTS OH INDIGENOUS TRIBES IN NIGERIA”!. It is quite unbelievably unfortunate that an insignificant nomadic foreign tribe like the Fulanis, which migrated from the Sahel region of Africa to Nigeria, with a meagre population numbering less than nine million, will be holding the entire Nigerian population to ransome. The daftness of the Hausas with a population strength of about sixty million, the grossly chameleonic lifestyle of the Yorubas numbering about fifty million and the already agitating Biafrans with an intimidating population of over seventy million, gave room to this. Recall that just recently, the Fulani oligarchy, hiding under the umbrella of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), hit the height of insult on the Igbo race by bluntly demanding for the establishment of Fulani vigilante services in Biafraland. Infact, those who projected such an insultive demand before the Igbo race went away with it because the Fulani political slaves occupying political offices in the South-East called governors were all privy, otherwise such a demand ought to have been accorded catastrophic response.


It must be noted as well that right from onset, the Fulani oligarchy has been holding the indigenous inhabitants of Northern Nigeria especially the Hausas, Nupes, Beroms, Gwaris, Katafs, Kanuris, Junkuns amongst others captive through the instrumentality of jihadi conquest and expansionism inherent in the crass establishment of emirates stools. Such could be seen in the positions of Sultan of Sokoto (Sokoto State), Emir of Kano (Kano State), Emir of Zazzau (Zaria, Kaduna State), Emir of Ilorin (Kwara State), Emir of Gumi (Kebbi State), Emir of Bauchi (Bauchi State), Lamido of Adamawa (Adamawa State), Emir of Lafia (Nasarawa State), Emir of Wase (Plateau State) and all other indigenous nations within Northern Nigeria. With the above mentioned emirates amongst others across the North, the Fulani cabals fully conquered and reduced the indigenous inhabitants of Northern Nigeria to irredeemable political slaves. This is the only reason why Benue, Taraba and Plateau States Governors happen to be exclusive indigenous extractions from the lot while other nineteen states of the North are under the governorship grip of Fulani expansionist conquerors.


The Yorubas of Western Nigeria are also stuttering under the yoke of Fulani oligarchical captivity through the Islamic expansionist policy. Islam made 60% of the entire Yoruba population to pledge allegiance to the Sokoto caliphate, with the Jagaban of Yorubaland – Senator Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, inclusive. Make no mistake about it, it should be noted that virtually all Yoruba monarchs including the Oba of Lagos, Alaafin of Oyo, Olubadan of Ibadan, Ooni of Ife and numerous others in Yorubaland are all Islamic slaves. But the height of insult to them all, is the establishment of Emirship stool in Ilorin, Kwara State, where a Fulani Islamic conquerer reigns supreme. The totality of Kwara being a 100% Yoruba State is shamefully being ruled by Fulani traditional rulers under Emirship designates in Ilorin. Biafrans on the other hand, are also under the captivity of this tiny but powerful hypnotic alien Fulani Islamists. Obviously, to them, the over two hundred years failed use of jihadi conquest like that which befell the Hausas and the Yorubas, made them to desperately resort to criminal military intimidation and occupation of Biafraland. That plot gave rise to the indiscriminate erection of military barracks, outposts, bases and checkpoints with Fulani Islamic commanders doting every nook and cranny of the land. This they reasoned will facilitate prompt military suppression in the event of any Biafra revolt or revolution.


However, what utmostly matters presently is not apportioning of blames to any tribe or indigenous nations criminally lumped together in the grossly unworkable Nigerian federation. It is rather to call to mind, the self-serving, sadistic and nepotistic declaration of Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello on the 12th of October 1960, as captured by the Parrot Magazine, which yet clearly serves the cause of the jihadistic mindest of the Nigerian Fulani oligarchy. In the said declaration, Sir Ahmadu Bello clearly stated: “The new nation called Nigeria will be an estate of our great grandfather, Othman Dan Fodio. We (Fulanis) are going to ruthlessly prevent any change of power outside the North. We (Fulanis) will use the minorities of the North as willing tools and the South (Biafra and Oduduwa) as conquered territories. We will never allow them to rule over us and will never allow them to have control of their future”.


Critically examining the above statements from Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, a Fulani, which nobody, tribe or indigenous nation directly challenged since 12th October 1960 till date, provokes the feeling that all the indigenous tribes with Igbos inclusively lumped in the unfortunate enclave called Nigeria, inadvertently called for is brazenly happening before our very eyes today. The Igbo tribe (Biafra) is included in the mess because their reason for the secessionist attempt of 1967 was not a direct response to the afore-mentioned but entirely due to implementation in the process of time. But kudos to the Biafran people however for courageously declaring in present times, that enough is enough to this sickening Fulani domination of Nigeria. Now is the set time for all the indigenous inhabitants of Nigeria to join hands with Biafrans to defiantly foster “TO YOUR TENTS OH INDIGENOUS TRIBES IN NIGERIA”, as declared. The ongoing spate of flagrant insults of the Fulani oligarchy must have to be desicively contained and expunged. It is a necessity for all the tribes in the Nigerian federation to fully revolt against this raging madness and send them back to the Sahel region of Sahara desert from where the people were invaded. The RUGA policy suspension is not a commensurate payback to these marauders over their relentless insult on the indigenous people. What will suffice is a venomous revolution which the alien federal Islamic government of Nigeria with the usage of their occupational military across the Southern part of the country wittingly crave for. If the indigenous tribes are terrified therefore to revolt against this evil, then they and especially Biafrans should get readily prepared to lick their own wounds as the Fulanis come up with more deadly insults of enslavement alongside policy somersaults of the hypocritical Nigerian government.


Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Radio Biafra Media

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