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California police have taken a mom named “Michelle” in for a psychiatric evaluation, they believe that she murdered her 2 year old child. Covina Police Department Sgt. Dan Rodriguez told the media that the woman is expected to face murder charges.

The investigation started when officers spotted Michelle wandering in her neighborhood, appearing disoriented.”Officers observed that she had what appeared to be blood spatter on parts of her body, but that she had no injuries,” according to the police statement. Police took Michelle to a psychiatric hospital and eventually figured out where she lived.
When the went to Michelle’s home, officers say they discovered the body of the young boy.

Sometimes last year, a Houston mother accused of badly beating her two toddler daughters has been charged with murder after the older girl died in September, police said. Shandrika Nakesha Mack, 27, is accused of beating 2-year-old Kaliyah McCowan to death at her home in the 5400 block of Rampart Street, according to the Houston Police Department.Mack flagged officers down around noon Sept. 5 after she went inside her children’s room and found Kaliyah unresponsive.

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Officers rushed inside the home and found Kaliyah unconscious, according to court documents. The officers called for paramedics to help Kaliyah before they found 1-year-old Kaniyah McCowan with a black eye and several bruises on her arm. Both girls were rushed to a local hospital, where Kaliyah was pronounced dead upon arrival, according to court documents. Later that day, Mack spoke with detectives and said she only knew of carpet burns on Kaliyah’s legs but knew nothing about the other injuries. Detectives spoke with the children’s daycare to see if they had any knowledge of the children’s injuries.

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Workers with the daycare told police they’d been concerned about the children’s safety for a few months and had launched an internal investigation of their own. Daycare staff indicated to detectives that they believed the abuse might have been going on for months, according to court documents. An autopsy later determined Kaliyah’s death to have been caused by blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Authorities ruled the manner as a homicide.

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Officials said that nearly one-third of Kaliyah’s blood was found in her abdomen after extensive and excruciating internal bleeding. Texas Children’s Hospital nurses told authorities that had Kaniyah gone any longer before being treated, she would have met the same fate as her older sister. Mack was put in handcuffs Sept. 25 after detectives’ investigation and was charged with murder and injury to a child, both felonies. If convicted, Mack could face up to life in prison.

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