‘Training Your Kids Should Be More Important Than Your Career’ – Nigerian Man

Housewife and Kids

Housewife and Kids

A Nigerian man simply identified as Darlington has caused a stir online after he called into a radio show to say women should pay more attention to raising their kids than pursuing their career.

According to Darlington, women are by nature responsible for nurturing their children and must choose their children over any career.

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In his words;

”You women are asking for too much. You say we should not beat you, people, when you misbehave in the house we said okay. You said we should respect you, we said okay. You said we should provide, we said ok. Now you are asking us to play your own role in the house. What happen? There is a natural role for women. You are supposed to groom your baby, bring up the children. That is why society is breaking down because the youths are not properly groom. A woman will give birth today and the next day she says she is pursuing a career. Why should women have to work? The man is supposed to provide for the home until the woman has finished rearing her babies. She can now pursue a career. Babies are more important to a woman than any career. If you gain the whole career and the home front is in tatters, what have you gained? Since women abandoned their role, can’t you see the reflection in society? Women have abandoned their roles because they have become assertive.

Thoughts anyone?

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