Unemployed graduate of 3 years turns down offer to be a driver

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A radio presenter, Anita Erskine has sparked a debate on Twitter after she revealed how a graduate who has been unemployed for 3 years turned down a job she offered him.

According to her tweet, she wad amazed that the young man was was frustrated about his joblessness turned the offer to be a driver at the company where she works.

Anita Erskine tweeted:

Just spoke to a young graduate. Unemployed for 3 yrs. Desperate for a job. I understood his frustration. So I said “I really don’t have any openings. Except some temp driver work for our productions”. He said “thanks. But I’m looking for sth related to my area of study.”

Below are some reactions to her tweet about the unemployed graduate. Lailaijeoma

I don’t agree with the point Anita is trying to send across, if an adult feels this chance is a NO, just let him be and not to criticise him. 3years unemployment doesn’t mean he should jump on to anything that’s “unrelated and has no passion for”

— Eben Blanks (@ebenblanks) April 9, 2019

We all understand what it means to follow our passion but passion doesn’t feed you. He could’ve just taken this opportunity and who knows, it may be the door to that dream job he’s been searching for.

— Mabe Georgina (@GeorginaMabe) April 9, 2019

Reason you shouldn’t pass judgement on stories like these is because context is always missing. How do you know in those 3yrs he hasn’t already tried something which didn’t work for him? hence his firm and confident response to decline?
Don’t judge!

— Kennedy Tetteh (@kennedytetteh) April 9, 2019


How unreasonable of him to be poor and know what he wants. Does he not know that such privileges are reserved for wealthy people. I’m furious with him for not bowing down and licking your feet for these crumbs.

— furious sour slut (@kfcharmian) April 11, 2019



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