WePrototype Technologies launches app building service to senior professionals who have entrepreneurial ambitions.

WePrototype Technologies launches app building service to senior professionals who have entrepreneurial ambitions.

If you are familiar with the mobile app
building industry, you will understand the disappointments many people have
experienced in trying to get the app they want. Many eventually give up on that
pursuit citing instances like: “our developer didn’t build what we wanted and
eventually abandoned the project”.

What most people don’t know is that it takes more than just software development skills to translate an idea into a working app and this is what WePrototype Technologies offers.

WePrototype Technologies is a company with
the sole purpose of helping senior professionals who want to solve problems as
well as pursue other ambitions even while on a 9 to 5, deliver on their
entrepreneurial ambitions. This it achieves via building of mobile applications
combining GOOGLE FLUTTER; which is an open source mobile application
development cross-platform framework that builds beautiful native apps for
Android and iOS users in record time, as well as PROTOTYPING technology to
build beautiful and fast mobile apps.

Explaining Prototyping technology, Mayowa Okegbenle, the Chief Executive Officer at WePrototype Technologies remarked: “App building is similar to construction. You wouldn’t just call a bricklayer and say build me a house with four rooms and a big kitchen. Why? Because there is a well-known process in place that guarantees you get the exact house you have in mind. That process of prototyping can be applied to building apps. It guarantees better success than what is in the market today”. The prototype guarantees perfection and satisfaction which also enables salary earners to launch a cost-effective side project quickly.

However, it would take more than these to
truly deliver these entrepreneurial ambitions.

For instance, a good question which comes
to mind is: Why the focus on Senior Professionals? Well, the company states
that from its experience working with clients, businesses/people need a bit of
maturity to figure out what they really want and senior professionals are usually
a bit more focused in that record.

Also, if you have some background in engineering,
the Prototype concept is a familiar one. Another question you would ask is: Why
does this stand out or what makes this different?

Speaking further, Maureen Omage- Head of Client Relations stated: “The company’s focus is beyond building a perfect app, it is about taking an idea to the market and making sure it succeeds. Every start-up needs a very good technical co-founder that offers unique experiences to each client with the end users in mind and that is what WePrototype Technologies brings to the table. An experience that clients would not get from other IT outlets who just want to build apps and deliver.

Ms Folake Solaja; Marketing Manager, WePrototype Technologies

With the prototype, our client can make corrections, show potential customers, and even pitch to investors. All these are very critical activities missing in the current development model provided by other IT outlets. The feedback from these activities help our clients to better understand the market and even decide if they want to go ahead as planned or tweak their business model a bit.

We continuously tweak the prototype until all parties are certain that we have something that could work for the market, and then we go ahead to build the real app that is launched on the Google Play store and iOS store.

We do not leave our clients there. We give our clients a marketing strategy, assist them to get functioning website, register their business on Google search engine, and setup basic marketing processes for email marketing and social media marketing.

At WePrototype Technologies, it is never just about the app, it is about taking an idea to the market and making sure it succeeds. We never stop until we achieve this”. The company supports its clients with every technical support needed to scale their business idea by assuming the position of a technical co-founder.

The CEO- Mayowa Okegbenle buttresses it by saying “We don’t just build mobile apps, we ask questions. Why do you want to build this app? What’s the business objective? How will you make money? How would we define success? How do you translate a great idea into something that actually works in the market? Finding answers to such a question requires much more than technical expertise, you need a whole lot of entrepreneurship experience and being an entrepreneur is difficult. One reason it is difficult is because you are alone, and on some days everything just feels overwhelming.

And this is the first WePrototype
advantage. The guarantee isn’t just about delivering the app you envisioned. It
is about delivering on an idea that succeeds.

Because, at the end of the day, we want to play the role of the entrepreneur’s technical cofounder. Every start-up needs a really good technical co-founder. That is what WePrototype wants to be to its customers.

One of such apps they have built is VendorCredit.ng – a fintech app for micro/small business to acquire the financial loan they need to deliver on purchase orders. A Co-founder of VendorCredit; Seye Seton, gave his testimony: “The team at WePrototype Technologies have been fantastic in getting my project off the ground. I didn’t have to worry about when they will deliver. Everything was done according to schedule. I am so happy with the app. It is now time for me to execute my marketing plans.”

Seye Seton; Co-founder of VendorCredit

Apps built by WePrototype Technologies are
high performing, beautiful, responsive, free of errors and completely native;
that is, the app uses hardware features of mobile devices- like camera,
contacts, geolocation, storage, vibration and more as if the app is part of the
device operating system.

About WePrototype Technologies

WePrototype Technologies is a mobile app building company with a team of business analyst, mobile app engineers, UI/UX associates, project managers and digital marketing experts. With the objective to deliver on entrepreneurial dreams, their payment plans are flexible and convenient for a salary earner.

To know more about WePrototype Technologies, visit http://www.weprototype.tech

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