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British sailor deliberately sink boat to kill his wife lailasnews

Though Lewis Bennett denied being responsible for his wife Isabella Hellmann’s death back in 2018, new photos have emerged showing how he killed her. He tried to cover up her death then claimed that she had gone missing at sea in the Caribbean in April 2017, just three months after they got married. But Bennett’s wife’s family didn’t believe his story and accused him of killing her. New photos released show how Bennett sabotaged the ship to make his wife’s death look like a tragic accident, according to prosecutors. A man who killed mum and drank her blood caught after weeks on the run.


Bennett is accused of intentionally sinking the 37-foot catamaran on May 15, 2017, by opening escape hatches and damaging its twin hulls. The FBI believe Bennett also opened the ship’s portholes below the waterline and damaged the vessel from the inside.

In one photo released by the US Coast Guard, a giant hole can be seen in the ship’s side, where water would have poured in. Prosecutors allege Bennett, from Poole, Dorset, killed Hellmann so he could get out of a strained marriage and inherit her home and money. The authorities think it may have happened after she discovered her husband was in possession of gold and silver coins stolen from his former employer in St Maarten. Woman arraigned for the murder of the two-year-old boy in Lagos.



British sailor deliberately sink boat to kill his wife lailasnews 2

Ms Hellmann’s body has never been found. Bennett was jailed for seven months after admitting transporting the coins and is currently serving a seven-month jail sentence. He now faces an additional eight-year prison term when he is jailed for manslaughter, and prosecutors are seeking a maximum sentence.

A New South Wales woman has been unable to stop her brother getting money from their parents’ estate after he shot them dead in 2014.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, went to the Supreme Court in a bid to prevent her brother benefitting financially from the deaths. At his murder trial two years ago, a court returned a special verdict of “not guilty by reason of mental illness”. However, the court ordered him to be detained at a correctional facility as determined by the Mental Health Review Tribunal, until released by due process of law.

In NSW people found not guilty of killing someone by reason of mental illness are still, in some cases, able to inherit from them. Convicted killers cannot inherit from their victims.

Recall that the man shot his parents in the home he shared with them in a small country town after having a minor dispute with his father over a bottle of wine.




Around 8:00 pm on December 3, 2014, the man went into his bedroom, took a 12-gauge pump action shotgun, and shot his mother at close range in the neck, before shooting his father twice. The man had a history of being aggressive; however, there was also evidence that his parents loved him and tried to get him medical help.

They had a history of helping him pay debts, buy cars and motorcycles and of covering up his violent threats. Last month the man’s sister made a forfeiture application in the Supreme Court, which would have prevented her brother benefiting from their parent’s estate.

In his judgment on the forfeiture application, Justice Geoff Lindsay ruled the man should not get his full share of what his parents left him in their wills, which would have been around $1 million. The judge instead ruled that $100,000 be kept in trust for the man for his needs while he is in detention and when he is released. In addition, the judge ruled that the man’s court costs, estimated to be over $120,000, should come from the estate.

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